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poco did a last minute, fill-in show in pennsylvania this past saturday. dave mason had a car accident (i was told it wasn't major) and we got the call. it was a benefit for the 'camelot for children' organization. glad we could make it. we opened for little river band. they sounded great, as usual... artwork is finished for "when the coast is clear". it will go to manufacturing within days. you're all in for a big treat. the music is pure, powerful paul cotton... paul's friend and exec producer for 'coast' - peter - was in town last week. he's working in the exec producer capacity on richie furay's upcoming new solo cd as well. i didn't get a chance to get to the studio, but paul and peter both said the music was sounding wonderful. i'm looking forward to hearing it... i've got 5 websites in the works. i'm a busy boy... happy holidays to all.
new design here. a small bit of new content, but mostly just reorganizing existing stuff. thanks to chip, i now have a limited supply of the great plains "homeland" cds. pick one up on the music page while supplies last. i'm updating not only my own site, but i'll be reworking some of the other sites i oversee as well. i'm tweaking my "portfolio" as i get more serious about the business of web design... i saw george grantham a couple of days ago. he gives his best to all. cold and gray in music city. lila has been chewing everything money can buy. please tell me it's just a phase...
just back from thanksgiving in bristol, va with sue's folks. wonderful time. they also threw us a wedding party. lots of friends, family, good food... rainy, slow drive back - the tn vols football game was just letting out when we came through knoxville... settling in for the winter. plans to finish my project, do some work on the old house (never ending) and finish up a couple of website projects. look for a new website for my old friend lee domann. it will be up real soon. i'll let you know. happy holidays to all.

many thanks to brian from new jersey for bidding on and winning the tobias bass that was listed on ebay. $455 will go to the george grantham fund. rusty, paul, rick and myself had lunch with george last friday. mexican - george's fave. he's steadily improving - our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family... one more show, in pittsburgh with little river band, and we'll be on winter break. back to freelancing for me. web design, work on my never-seeming-to-end cd project... plenty to do... one more thing, dorothy wanted me to post a new picture of lila. i keep asking her.."lila, why the long face?"

a friend and fan of poco has very generously donated a tobias electric 4 string bass - the proceeds to go directly to the george grantham fund. i've listed the bass on ebay. tell your friends to go there and bid up a storm... also, i've listed one of paul cotton's personal guitars. he's decided to part with his number one studio guitar. links to these items are below:


poco's off to new jersey in the morning. only a couple of gigs left this season. i'd personally like to thank all you guys out there for making this past summer an affirmation of what being in the music biz is all about.

great weekend out with poco. florida (with america), greenville (thanks again allen), and new york. rusty and paul continued out to solvang, ca to do a couple of shows with richie furay, kenny loggins and jim messina... the touring season is winding down. it's been the busiest in years. we've met a bunch of great folks. our thoughts and prayers remain with george... i'll be settling in for the winter soon. i hope to finish work on my own project, do some web design, recording, whatever... i seem to have gotten way behind on things around home. the road'll do that to ya...

wildwood springs, mo... what can i say. this cool old 1920s vintage hotel/lodge played host to 2 nights of poco this past weekend. we were drummerless - playing acoustic instruments (for the most part). richie furay sat in saturday night. he was battling a bout of laryngitis but still sang like a bird. bo and deb pirrucello, from lakland bass company very generously donated a beautiful lakland bass that was raffled off - proceeds (over $1600) going to the george grantham fund. thanks again you two - what an awesome gesture of kindness... friends old and new packed the joint for a memorable stay indeed. rusty and his beau mary were wed sunday by pastor richie. mary was lovely - rusty looked like.. well, rusty... in other news, peter van leeuwen has been here for almost 2 weeks. besides being here for the wildwood shows, peter and i have been helping paul wrap up work on "the coast is clear". the music is DONE. artwork is near completion as well. release date is not yet known... soon we sail!

just got back from a weekend out with poco. ok city, clemmons, nc. shared the bill with our friends firefall in ok. our date sunday in clearwater, fl with america was rescheduled due to the hurricane... big weekend coming up. rusty and mary are getting married in wildwood, mo this sunday. poco is playing there friday and saturday. richie furay will be officiating the ceremony... in other news, peter from curacao will be here this week as we continue to wrap up details around paul cotton's upcoming cd release "when the coast is clear". although the music is recorded, mixed and we're nearly done with the mastering, many things remain. artwork, marketing/release plan, what color limo for the awards ceremonies, etc...

i've listed one of paul cotton's guitars for sale on ebay. you can view the auction here. i visited george grantham and daughter grace on friday. grace is in town for an extended visit. great to see them both. george is steadily improving... meanwhile, back at the ranch, new family member, lila - is slowly (too slowly) learning the rules of waste elimination as pertaining to various household surfaces... poco's dvd concert is nearing completion - hopefully it will be a fall release.

george grantham is now home from the rehab hospital. paul, rusty and i visited george and debbie this past sunday. rusty bought kfc and a deli tray (a little bit o' the ol' road food, you know?) it was great to see george up and about, at home with debbie. he's getting better every day... meanwhile, we had a good trip up to nj and long island. we only got lost a couple of times trying to negotiate the labyrinthine network of potholes and bad signs that wander aimlessly through the great northeast. my job as navigator may be in jeopardy... thanks so much to dorothy for helping out with merchandise. and thanks again, jon for all you've done. great to see you both, as well as a whole bunch of other poconuts. this weekend, the poco train rolls into alpharetta, ga - just outside atlanta... and today, i was actually a songwriter. craig bickhardt was kind enough to ask me to join him for a romp in composerland. i'm a bit discombobulated from travel, and a little rusty (no pun), but my pencil found a few words anyway... it felt good.

i visited george grantham in the hospital yesterday. he's improving daily. debbie is with him most of the time and the staff are kicking his butt with rehab. we're all thinking of you, geo... poco is off this weekend because of some scheduling shuffles. i've been doing a bit of work on my everlasting solo project. there's been no time this summer... lila went in for neutering today, poor thing. she's resting now and i'm sure she'll be happy that she no longer has to be 'careful'... barely time to catch up on chores around here before i'm back on the road - nj and ny.


so much has happened. george grantham is recovering from a stroke suffered while poco was performing in springfield, mass. on july 29. he's been moved out of icu now and the doctors are talking of sending him home to nashville soon. poco's official website will post regular updates as to george's recovery. he's in all our thoughts and prayers... the band has enlisted an old friend, george lawrence to fill in for george while he concentrates on getting better... just got back from several dates in california with richie furay. we played the fillmore in san francisco. it was the first time i'd ever been there. such history in that place! and especially for an old hippie like me. i'm only home for one day now, then off to st. thomas for a week. i know, poor jack...

today we had to put our old friend chuck to sleep. he was probably the best dog i've ever known. 14 1/2 years old, his kidneys shut down. he stopped eating. we buried him in the country, overlooking the river. rest in peace, little guy... we love you.

things boring on earth? check out the daily happenings on saturn. for even more fun, click here... my summer is chock full of poco dates, sprinkled with some time at home to catch up on the rest of my life - animal duty, gardening, (sue's the gardener, i'm the gopher...)

poco played the final show at the tralf in buffalo, friday night. big fun. we hope they re-establish soon. love to go back... i've been working some on my solo project the last couple of weeks. it continues to crawl forward. no known date of release as yet... the puppy continues to worm her way into our hearts. outsourcing may not be an option...

the poco dvd is being put together out in california. paul cotton's cd is nearly finished. artwork and a few final tweaks of the mix remain. the band is off to chattanooga and lake placid in the morning. we've got a busy summer ahead. more dates with richie furay. lots of frequent flyer miles... i found a wee baby in the bushes the other night. she was wailing pitifully - her right front leg broken. she's with us now. we'll find her a good home when she's healed up. right now, she's a resting, chewing, limping, pooping machine...

i had an incredible time doing the dvd concert with poco last thursday night. it was great to have richie back in the band, and it was an honor for me to be a part of it... the place was packed with loyal, loving poco fans from all over the country... it was a good feelin' for sure. i don't have any specifics as to when the thing will be available, but should know soon... i'm off early in the morning to houston where paul, peter (paul's executive producer) and myself are going to finish up the mixing of paul's upcoming solo cd "when the coast is clear". you're gonna love it. wonderful music... then on to oxnard, ca friday for a poco show. busy time right now... can't complain.

new design on the home page. it'll be news now. my friends david llewellyn and jim w both have fine new music available on cd now. david's is a collection of celtic-folk music that i co-produced and jim's is a song cycle inspired by the 12 steps of alcoholic's anonymous. both are beautiful... (i also built both websites) poco will be shooting a dvd concert this coming thursday here in nashville. richie furay will be joining us for this very special evening. you can get commemorative posters through the band's website, or at the performance.

we had a great time at the basement last saturday night. paul cotton, craig bickhardt, john mock and yours truly whooped and hollared and howled 'til the cows in fact came home. big fun... been working on the layout for paul's upcoming cd. exec producer peter in curacao, paul and i have been involved in a flurry of emails. ah, the modern age. i also just did a bass part on a song for steve y. we did it all through the internet. marvelous. if any of you out there need a bass part, i've got a bunch of 'em sitting around here. contact me if you're interested...

well, it's official... poco will be recording a live DVD. here are the specifics.
POCO: Live DVD performance featuring Rusty Young, Richie Furay, Paul Cotton, George Grantham and Jack Sundrud.
Thursday May 20
The Belcourt Theater
Nashville, Tennessee
(615) 846-3150
8:00 PM
$20.00 including Belcourt Restoration Fee
Ticket Information: Belcourt Web Site or Phone.
Or send $20.00 plus a stamped self-addressed envelope to:
% Rick Alter Management
1018 17th Ave. South
Suite #12
Nashville, Tennessee 37212

great time last night with poco at the jewish mother, in va beach. i awoke to the sunrise over the ocean... paul cotton comes in next week to finish recording for his solo cd... then on saturday, may 1st - paul, craig bickhardt, john mock and my own bad self will be doing a show at the basement(1604 8th av s)in nashville. you can call steve west at 615-256-6151 for reservations. showtime is 8pm.

poco is off to el pedregal, az tomorrow. i look forward to the trip and wrapping my grubby hands around the lakland bass. maiden voyage, don't you know... on may 1st, i'll be doing a show at the basement, here in nashville - with paul cotton, craig bickhardt and john mock. this should be a whole lot of fun... i'll blow my own bad horn louder yet as the day approaches... work continues on paul's upcoming solo cd. we shipped the bulk of the tracks off to houston for mixing today. mad zz top mixmaster genius joe hardy is at the helm for this phase.
the big news at my house is that my shiny, new lakland bass showed up at my door yesterday. it's amazing... plays like buttah. can't wait to hit the road with poco to break 'er in. we're going to do a few more overdubs on paul cotton's upcoming solo cd and it will be ready for mixing. it should be ready for manufacturing by mid to late may. it's a really powerful sounding collection of songs. paulie, you are the man.

been gardening. a perfect tennessee spring day. also, helped a couple of friends today with their websites, and fretted over my digital performer interface (it's completely wigged out). since i'm not songwriting much these days, it's interesting to observe the places my mind tends to wander. maybe, fair journal readers, you'll get to witness the complete de-evolution of my mental state. i may be posting drool before long. should be interesting. oh, i've got plenty of things to occupy my time and my thoughts - but i'm in fresh territory. it's an adventure. one day at a time...

we finished with the recording of paul cotton's upcoming solo cd tonight. it's been great fun. we've been working at the hum depot. a great studio - homey, friendly. couldn't ask for a better bunch. engineer and all around cool guy ben strano was our pilot. he's way too young to be so smooth. paul's good friend and executive producer peter has been up from curacao for the duration. we've had a blast. mixing to begin soon. paul sounds great as ever. i'll let y'all know as the project unfolds.

just got back from canada, eh? poco played in thunder bay with firefall. great to see those guys again. and lots of snow. ah, the frozen north. makes me miss my minnesota roots... i've been in the studio today on a long haul with paul. i'm helping paul pull together the sessions for his upcoming solo cd, "when the coast is clear". great stuff. he's been doing it in bits and pieces for the last several years. we'll be at it here in nashville for the next few weeks. the live poco dvd is still in the works. richie furay had hip replacement surgery recently. we're all wishing him a full and speedy recovery. take care, eh?

poco had a great trip over the weekend. we played at the lancaster performing arts center in lancaster, ca. beautiful theatre. it felt really good to be performing again. we've had 2 months off! too much... i came back with a doozy of a cold. been in bed all day. today, sue and i celebrated 20 years together. i'm a lucky guy. i've done a lot of growing up these last two decades - and something tells me i'm not done yet... more ebay auctions on the near horizon. more web design. no complaints here...

call me mr. ebay-seller-guy. since rusty asked me to sell some guitars for him on ebay, friends have been bringing guitars and misc. music gear by for me to auction. it's been fun. i'm using a little known and long neglected part of my tiny brain. right now, i've got my friend david's beautiful taylor guitar up. you can see it here (link cancelled...sold it), if you're so inclined. i felt a touch of spring in the air today when i was walking the dogs. i know it's early yet, and i actually enjoy the winter, but after seeming weeks of grey, dreary days, it was a welcome relief. and something to celebrate - other than janet jackson's boob.

check out my friend pat barber's book-in-progress. he now lives a stone's throw from the ski lift in telluride... i did a "live chat" the other night at songu.com. i've written a course on home recording. call me professor... sue and i watched a documentary called "shelter dogs" on hbo last night. if you're a dog person, try to catch it. very moving...

interesting... all of the guitars rusty left with me to sell have sold - to the same person. in the course of our conversations surrounding the 1969 telecaster, he bought the rest of them... there you go. i've actually been handling a few auctions for other people lately. i enjoy learning something new... i went out to russ's studio last night. we had a great time. a gathering of friends with the purpose of having fun recording music. and we succeeded. we called ourselves "a room full of white men". we're going to do it again. our sessions may even wind up on my solo project. i'm on a meandering path these days. life is good.

the 1969 telecaster sold today. thanks to the buyer. i'll be listing more of rusty's vintage poco guitars in the near future. i'll keep you posted. i remain busy. wow. who'da thunk? i have several projects in the works. and i'm enjoying them all immensely. i'm just trying to remain open and willing. and so the adventure continues...

i've put rusty's 1969 Telecaster up on ebay. you can check it out here. i'll be listing 4 more guitars over the next few weeks. you know, for an unemployed guy, i've been pretty darn busy. website design, recording engineer, graphic layout, guitar broker... it's good to be busy. i'm very grateful.

happy 2004 to all. i've spent the last several days preparing 5 guitars for auction - cleaning, photographing, stringing, etc. rusty has commissioned me to sell them for him on ebay. a '69 telecaster custom, a 76 telecaster, a '71 stratocaster and 2 takamine acoustics - a 6 and a 12 string, both late '70s models. they're steeped in poco history as well as 'collectability', and should make for lively auctions. i should have them listed in the next couple of weeks. i'll post links to them in case anyone reading this is interested.


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