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i've been producing a cd of new music for my friend keith miles. be on the lookout for this - extremely cool music... news here is that we've decided to sell our beautiful log cabin on the banks of the buffalo river near lobelville, tn. if you've been wanting a great country getaway, this just might be your place. i'll post photos and more info soon... happy holidays AND merry christmas to all.
poco did our last show of the year at 7 springs lodge in champion, pa last night. i went skiing in the afternoon. it felt good to ski. my nordic blood sang with joy even as my nordic legs whined pathetically... it was nice to do our season finale with old friends pure prairie league and firefall. they both sounded great, as usual. lots of friends, good food - bill lloyd played his butt off. we've got some shows starting in january and are looking forward to capt. cotton's return. everyone's asking 'bout ya paulie... last weekend i had more fun than a fella ought to have with my first band, the backstreet journal (guess which one had the most fun?). we dusted off every old 60s song we could think of and had about a hundred old friends drop by the evergreen in thief river falls, mn. earlier last saturday, i went to my hometown - oklee, mn - for my aunt clara's 90th birthday party. while there, i met up with my highschool friend and cohort, stan. we learned music together, he on drums and me on guitar. we called ourselves "beat and twang", and we played a few high school functions back in the day. the memories flowed like sweet syrup on a giant stack of flapjacks all weekend...
i saw paul yesterday. he looked good, and sounded great (and says hello). he's got a bit more recuperating to do, but will be back on board the poco train in january. we have one more show this year and our friend bill lloyd is once again going to fill in. bill did a superb job this past weekend... i'm off to minnesota this weekend to reunite with the guys from my very first band. should be a lot of fun. we were called "the backstreet journal" and roamed minnesota, the dakotas and canada back in the mid - late 60s. i'll post more, along with some photos, upon my return... i'm also going to be with my folks and my aunt clara, as she celebrates her 90th birthday.
first things first. paul cotton is doing great. he became ill on our trip to norway and was hospitalized, but is recovering nicely. thanks to the quick and talented norwegian medical folks and to all for the thoughts, prayers and offers of help... i went a few days early. i got to spend one beautiful autumn day touring oslo (thanks to amanda and serena, my tour guides). the oslo waterfront, the norwegian folk museum, vigeland sculpture park, the museum of minature liquor bottles (really), a little salmon, a little pastry - i had a wonderful time. the next day, my plan was to drive my rental car to the city of gol, to look up the farmstead of my ancestors. it was a good plan, but was thwarted by a freak snowstorm. i had to settle for bad norwegian tv at a quality inn barely 45 minutes outside oslo... i met up with the poco guys in lillehammer, where paul took sick and was taken to the hospital. we soldiered on with the shows, both in lillehammer and in helmund, netherlands. thanks to tony bowles, guitarist for webb wilder and to martijn hagens, maarten van damme and thomas lina of rosemary's sons for sharing their musicianship with us in a difficult situation. the fans were great. thankyou, thankyou, thankyou. i hope we can go back soon with captain paul back on the bridge...
i'm off to norway tomorrow. i'm going a few days before the rest of the poco guys. i'm 100% norwegian by heritage, but this will be my first trip to the homeland. through the years, we've lost touch with any relatives there, but i have some approximate instructions on how to find some family landmarks. who knows, i may discover my lost norwegian-ness and never come back. come to think of it, i have felt rather a lot like pillaging lately... maybe i need a nap.
piracy in missouri (photo by mary young)
poco "bareback" story
another wacky music city story... in the "good things come to those who wait" column - my friends craig bickhardt and barry alfonso just had a song of theirs released 10 years after it was recorded, by the highwaymen (yeah, kris kristofferson, willie nelson, johnny cash and waylon jennings - those highwaymen). click here to listen and find out more.
i recently went to minnesota to join my brother, sister-in-law and 2 paternal aunts in celebrating my parent's 65th wedding anniversary. what an amazing thing that is! they've weathered so much together - not the least of which was shepherding me through a stormy and scary adolescence... i had the privilege of listening to mom, dad and my aunts peggy and clara reminisce about their upbringing in rural minnesota during the 1920s and 30s. the world may have changed considerably since they were children, but listening to their stories i was reminded that family and human interaction are timeless...
redesign here. always good to clean things up a bit... thanks to all for the birthday greetings. 56 isn't old... hell, who am i kidding. i just listened to some of the new rolling stones record. i always feel good when i hear old guys rock. my parent's generation had the big bands. they all kept performing as long as they lived. jazz musicians do that as well. and yet, rockers were never supposed to keep on rocking into old age. woops. guess we forgot...
just back from nyc. wow. i am truly amazed every time i go there. that something so huge and chaotic can manage to even exist is a testament to humanity... poco did a show at bb king's. lots of friends came by and we had a great time. the morning after the show, i walked for hours. my sole souvenir, a hell's kitchen t-shirt. since i don't know the city very well, i can start anywhere and go in any direction. it never fails to be an adventure...
"feel's like the waiting room for hell". that's how one of sue's students described the weather here in tennessee last week. i know it's summer, and i'm in the south... but i've got a serious northern boy whine brewing... poco's off to california in the morning. we have a show tomorrow night in agoura hills, just north of los (it's a dry heat) angeles... "by my own hand" has been selling quite well, actually. i claim to have no expectations, but every time someone buys a cd, it feels awfully good...
whew... back home last night after nearly a solid month of "poco on the road". the band really gels when we're working that much. it's a comfortable, confident feeling. the fans were great, as usual. i got to see some country i'd never seen and now i'm deep fried tired. time to try to find my life again. we'll be doing a sparser schedule for a few weeks...
yesterday, we had to put our lovely girl dog, sugar to sleep. her cancer took over. man, that's a tough one. trying to figure out if you're doing the right thing. we didn't want her to suffer, yet we didn't want to end her life if she still wanted to be here. anyway, the vet came to our house, which was nice. afterward, sue and i just held each other for a while and cried. then we drove sugar out to the country and buried her with chuck and hank and duncan and monroe... i've really become an animal lover over the years. it's very sweet having them in our lives. rest easy, sugar. we love ya.
ok, so the street team was a bad idea... i'm moving forward. i'm thinking of maybe getting lance armstrong to hum a few of my tunes while riding his bike... off to california early tomorrow for a west coast swing with poco. we'll be joined for some of it by our friends pure prairie league. they're sounding great. we just did a couple of shows with them. richie furay will be with us in san diego... our sweet old dog sugar is suffering with lymphatic cancer. we'll have to say goodbye soon. i only wish she could tell us what she wants...
jack sundrud street team guidelines:

each of you, when you're out in the world - stop everyone you meet on the street, ok? and, like tell them that i (jack sundrud) have this great new cd that they can get at jacksundrud.com.

a few tips:

1. don't raise your voice as this scares some people.
2. if you grab them (to make a point), be gentle - again, some people are wusses (also, i can't accept personal liability - too messy).
3. stay on topic. jack sundrud
4. no need to go on and on, i know some of you are busy. just send 'em to the website.
5. set goals. stop, say 150-500 people each day.
6. if you fall short of your goals, beat yourself up mercilessly and vow to do better the next day.
7. convert others for the team. promise them money, lots of money.
8. see 3
stupidly hot here in music city. i'm a northern guy. to me, sweat should be earned, not given... rusty has been out in bozeman with big dave, mixing the upcoming live poco cd. i spoke to him this morning - he said it's sounding great. busy july coming up. it's good to be busy... meanwhile, i've been getting together with friends in the record biz, trying to put together some kind of massive indie marketing attack for my new cd. i'm leaning toward renting space on the goodyear blimp - or magnetic signs for every car door in america... both ideas are a little spendy.
hey poconuts, there's a brand new u.k. fansite out there. and to get to it from anywhere in the world, just click here... i'm going on a family journey this sunday, up to minnesota to hook up with my dad, brother, aunt and cousin for a trip to iowa and some digging into the family roots. we're going to visit relatives that live in the house where my grandmother was born... even though it's only the 2nd sunday in june - i'm "headin' home for father's day"...
the official reunion tour for 60s midwest phenoms, the unbelievable uglies has begun. when i was growing up in minnesota, they were the top band around. a big inspiration for me as a young musician - great music, lots of humor, and a great bunch of guys. i'm proud to have known them. if you have a chance, go see 'em. i've gotten a concert review from an old friend, and it's glowing...
poco's trip to europe was absolutely wonderful. can't say enough about the people, the sights, the food - except that each stop was too brief. i hope we go back soon and that we have the opportunity to move a little slower... check out the review of the saturday night guitar pull CD. i was fortunate to be a part of it. a live version of my song "hard country", is included in this package... upcoming later in the week, editing and compiling for the new poco live CD. this should be out in the fall.
"by my own hand", my new solo cd, is now available through echotunes... poco is off to europe tomorrow. i'm running around like a crazy person trying to get ready...
now we sail!!! "when the coast is clear" is here! and paul cotton's new website is up and running, as well. go to paulcotton.com and climb aboard!! also, poco just returned from beautiful bozeman, mt where we did a couple of shows and recorded a new, upcoming live cd with our friend dave goodwin (and the amazing aaron swihart at the controls) at big sky high ranch. an awesome time was had by all! look for more news on the new cd in coming months... and in still other news, we're off to europe next week.
well, my cd was mastered yesterday and shipped to manufacturing today - one day behind schedule. i expect to have copies in my grubby mitts by april 26th. i'll make ordering info available soon. i don't think it's hit me yet that i'm actually done with this thing. i've had my head down and blinders on for months... guess i'll pat myself on the back and go to bed...
"by my own hand" will be mastered and sent to manufacturing on april 11. it should be available to the millions of awaiting fans by the first part of may. i've hired a large team of postal workers to handle the expected volume and will order the new fleet of BMW SUVs with the obligatory darkly smoked glass later in the week. i'm already planning on granting no interviews, dating j-lo, starting a feud with green day and not showing up for the first half of my world tour. i think i've got the hang of this rock-star thing... poco had a big ol' time surprising charlie for his birthday up in new jersey this past weekend. dorothy did a stellar job of keeping him in the dark. great to see a bunch of old friends.
the last of the mixes for "by my own hand" should be in my grubby little fingers tomorrow morning. i'm really happy with the way it's sounding. the artwork is about finished. just a final check there... i hope to master the thing in the coming week and get it off to manufacturing. what a cool trip it's been. i may write an article of sorts, describing 'the making of...' in other news, poco is going to biloxi and key west for the upcoming weekend. first shows of the new year. i'm looking forward to getting back to it. we're working these dates with old friends, pure prairie league. paul cotton's new solo cd, 'when the coast is clear' is still not back from manufacturing as i write this, but should be real soon. also, be watching for the newly re-figured paulcotton.com. soon we sail, mates.
the news around here is that i'm DONE with the recording of "by my own hand". the tracks are being mixed as i write this. i'm putting the artwork together and hope to get this thing wrapped and off to manufacturing within the next couple of weeks... the hard part for me now will be to regain some semblance of normality in my schedule after this crazed, yet exciting period. my days and nights are turned around and i've almost forgotten how to dress myself. and speaking of manufacturing, paul cotton's new cd, "when the coast is clear" should be back soon and available through the poco website and also through his own new site that will launch in conjunction with the new music.
woh...i've been obsessively working on my solo project. i hardly know what day it is anymore. getting dangerously close. should start mixing this week. no solid release date, but hope to have it ready before poco gets busy with summer touring. i'm having a ball, yet i'm ready to get on with my life. 2 or 3 in the morning has been the norm. also, starting monday night, craig bickhardt and i are hosting a 4 week 'reality songwriting' course for songu.com. we've been documenting the writing process of a new song and are presenting it in installments on-line. it's been interesting putting this thing together. students at songu sign up and participate in live forums. call me professor.
great plains returned for one night last night at douglas corner here in nashville. what a blast! i couldn't stop smiling.. russ, denny and michael were in fine form. i was reminded why i remain so proud of that band. we played those songs in every radio station waiting room and motel suite in the country a few years ago. i don't think we could forget them if we tried. lots of old friends showed up. those guys are great musicians and friends. steve ebe, cam king and jt corenflos (gp alumni) sat in with us. lex couldn't make it from portland, or. we missed ya, man. thanks so much to all who came out.
2 bits of news going on right now. first, there's going to be a great plains reunion world tour - beginning and ending on friday, january 14th at douglas corner, here in nashville. it should be a blast. lex b., our multi-talented guitarist/singer/writer/mandolinist/fiddle guy, can't make it from his home in portland, or. due to scheduling conflicts. we'll miss him, for sure - but we're going to soldier on... the original 4 guys, plus a few other alumni from our illustrious past will take the stage around 9 that night. we'll be waving our country-rock freak flag high. come by if you can... also, i've been making some real progress with my solo project. i've been in the music biz for about 40 years, and this is the first real 'solo album' i've done. i'm cautiously excited, if that's possible. must be the norwegian in me. tentative title "by my own hand". yes, i am doing a lot of the stuff myself, but there's also a song by that title on the project - many great friends have contributed time and talent. i'm bustling my butt off to get this thing done and ready before spring. i'll blow my own horn quite loudly when the time comes, you can be sure...

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