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Just in time for the holidays! My mother has graciously agreed to go "open source" with her famous (in my family anyway) recipe for the Jello dish that drives us Norwegians wild. I've been eating this since I was a wee kid, and I've always loved it. One of my favorite comfort foods whenever I'm back home..

Erma’s World-class Lemon Gelatin Dessert Recipe

1 Pkg. lemon gelatin
1 Tsp vinegar
1/2 Cup granulated sugar
1 1/2 Cups boiling water

Put these ingredients together in a mixing bowl and stir until completely dissolved. Refrigerate until mixture reaches egg white consistency. Beat with mixer.

Next, beat one half-pint whipping cream until it peaks. Mix the lemon mixture and the whipped cream with one 8-oz. can of crushed pineapple (drained) and one and one-half cups shredded sharp cheddar cheese. Blend everything together and sprinkle more shredded cheese over the top. Refrigerate until firm. Enjoy!

2008 will mark 40 years since the inception of Poco. I'm so grateful to have been a part of the band these past years. Like I've said before - I love my job.. Many thanks and much love to my folks, Omar and Erma, for the hospitality, conversation, fine Scandinavian Jello Magic and familial bonding I recently enjoyed. I drove to Minnesota in a snowstorm - I drove back in a snowstorm - but the homefire was warm as toast...
Folks have been asking where they can find the Christmas music that Poco recorded a while back. Go to sessioncats.com for links. Merry, merry..
I've signed on for digital downloads of my CD, By My Own Hand with novatunes.com. It's a new site featuring downloadable music paired with a social network environment. check it out...Looks like February 15-17 will be the dates for the gigantically awesome Idlewheel tour of the northeast. Stay tuned for details. We still have to buy the tour jet and hire the posse... My friend, Welsh folk singer, David Llewellyn is taking a small group of folks to Ireland next summer for a tour. CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT.
I'm having a bit of an email "issue" with Comcast. I blame them - it's easier that way. I hope to have it sorted out within 2-3 days.
The big news here - We sold our house. We had an open house on a Sunday and a good offer on Monday. The right house for the right person at the right time and price. I've been exhaling for days. I plan on relaxing for a while. Many thanks to the crew who did the work and allowed me to wear a tool belt. Pat, Scott, David, Doc, Sleepy, Brian and Grumpy - you guys rock... Great time with Poco (and friends Pure Prairie League) at the Peanut Festival in Suffolk, Va last night. Peanuts and Poconuts. Sounds like party mix to me.
Big auction of memorabilia donated by the Eagles, Kenny Loggins, Kenny Chesney, Orleans, Poco, John McEuen, Charlie Daniels and more - to benefit the George Grantham Fund starts tonight at 6PM Pacific Time - 9 Easter time. The auction will run for one week. CLICK HERE TO START BIDDING!
Original Poco drummer, George Grantham is still recuperating from a major stroke. John McEuen has joined George's daughter, Grace Grantham in raising awareness and money for ongoing medical expenses. An eBay auction of memorabilia will start in early October. CLICK HERE TO READ MORE -- -- ALSO HERE.
2 great Poco gigs this past weekend. My great friend Craig Bickhardt opened the show in Sellersville, PA. He's like buttah, I tell you.. I sat in with him for a few Idlewheel songs at the end of his set. We're planning some Idlewheel dates in the northeast this winter some time... Thanks to all the Poconuts in attendance... Saturday, after a too early flight for this old rock 'n roller, we had a beautiful day and an sweet gig in Ft. Thomas, KY - hosted by Rick and Dawn Warner. Great food, sunshine and a huge, happy crowd. First on the bill, local stars the Bluebirds played grooves deeper than a creole chilli bowl. Rick Warner sat in with us on "Good Feelin' To Know". Thanks for the support, dude. Home town boys Pure Prairie League closed the show which featured Mike Reilly (gettin' stronger every day), original steel guitarist John Call and original guitarist George Ed Powell. A big time, indeed..
A gigantic birthday greeting to my awesome 90 year old dad, Omar. First place in the annual "Best Dad in the World" competition for the 62nd year in a row! Omar's mother was visiting her sister (if my memory serves me) across the road from her family farm in rural Hill River Township in Polk Country, Minnesota when Omar would no longer be denied entry into this life. We recently visited the house where he was born - it's now a woodworking shop on a family farm up there. The world is a better place for his participation. All my best to you and Mom!.. Poco had 2 great shows at Anthology in San Diego last night. Beautiful place, wonderful food and so nice to see some old friends of the band. The weather was perfect - that Pacific air was a blessing to my drought seared lungs. We hope to be back soon.
Almost done with the house, here. I actually put a sign out the other day. Gonna try the ol' FSBO (that's "fizzbeau", my realtor friends tell me - meaning For Sale By Owner) We'll see what happens. Take a look at some pics - CLICK HERE... I got to spend a few days with Mom and Dad recently. It was great to be home with them. Later this month, they will be celebrating 67 years of marriage. I stand in awe. Congratulations and love a bit early you two! Off to Akron with Poco later this week. Home of George Lawrence, noted Poco drummer and proprietor of George's Drum Shop. George told his mom when he was a boy that he wanted to be a drummer when he grew up. His mom told him he couldn't do both... (click here for appropriate punch-line drum fill).
Wow. It's been a month since I posted anything. Time flies when you're in hell... I kid, but this home renovation thing has been sucking away my time and money like a Hoover connected to a twister being swallowed by a black hole. But - a crack of light doth appeareth. We're down to a few details (OK - a few pages of details) and then - truckloads of cash will magically arrive at my door. Smiling faces attached to pens signing lengthy, friendly contracts. Happy new homeowners blessing me as I drive away to greener banking.. I'm sure glad I'm going on the road this weekend. I need a break.. Nebraska and Colorado. The plains await..
I suppose by now, most of you have seen this video clip. But if you haven't, please view. It brought tears to my eyes - and I'm not a weeper - or an opera fan. A testament to the amazing power of music..
Just back from a great trip. 10 days out with Poco. Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, Maryland, Virginia.. Always a pleasure to see old friends out there. We did a Sirius Radio spot in NYC. The place smelled like Howard Stern (insert prejudice here). Manhattan always astounds me. The potential for chaos is astronomical, yet somehow - it works.. Speaking of NY, I just heard an interview with Dion. Great singer, great memories.. On the home-renovation front - watch for exciting pics chronicling my crushing pain and ultimate triumph in the dog-eat-dog world of small time real estate..
Back to the Ozarks.. A weekend with Poco, Richie Furay and a great bunch of Poconuts.. And a wonderfully welcome release from pretending to be a carpenter. Now if I can only pry my hand from the drill grip.. The house is looking quite proud and happy. We've given her back some of her faded glory. A bit more polish and she'll be ready to set sail on the sea of buyers who simply can't wait to call her their own. What an adventure..
Being the international artiste that I am, my song (with Bruce Miller) "Hard Country" is now appearing on a fine sampler from the good folks at smartchoicemusic.com. Also, my song (with Randy Handley) "By My Own Hand" is slated for release on the new upcoming sampler from sunlightofthespirit.com... Work continues on the old homestead here. We edge closer to completion every day. The operative word here is "edge", as in "crawl" or "creep".. Poco is kicking off the summer touring season this weekend at beautiful 7 Springs Resort in 7 Springs, PA with our old friends Pure Prairie League. I'll be putting down my tool belt and picking up my dusty bass.. I can't wait.. Oh, and one more thing. I pulled a sliver out of my carpenter friend Pat's finger the other day. I had to wear some extra lenses to accomplish my task.
April in Tennessee is a thing of deep beauty. Mild temperatures, low humidity, frequent light rains, flowering trees in pinks and purples and peach and white, grass so green it would make a leprechaun envious. It's enough to make you cry - or in my case, sneeze.. The 6 week remodel project is crawling into its 8th week. People told me this would happen. I scoffed. I no longer scoff. I may never scoff again. However, I still have all my fingers and the housing market hasn't totally tanked - yet. My friend Pat and I are even talking about doing this again. Someone stop me. Please..
Eddie, The Beav and Wally.
I don't know about you, but this does not make me feel young..
Time flies.. Deep in renovation-land here. The movie "The Money Pit" keeps playing on my dream-screen. I jolt awake in a cold sweat - the ominous shadow of a nail gun furtively retreats around the corner. Knowing, sad nods from the checkout folks at Home Depot.. A patina of dust and ash on my clothes - in my teeth and inside my eyelids. Power tools accompany the sound of bank accounts bleeding. I joke.. The old place is looking like a million bucks - well, at least market value. I cross my fingers, I hope..

Off to the extremely frigid north tomorrow. I grew up there. I remember it being so cold, I saw a chicken with a capon.. Seriously, I did actually manage to get my tongue frozen to a '53 Buick. I remember how the car tires (if you were lucky enough to get your car started) would be square-ish for the first mile or so on forty below mornings. When I had hair, it would stand up and shoot arc-ing sparks at every doorknob in the tri-state area. Tears (yes, we cried a lot) would freeze on your face. Mom would wash blue jeans in winter, hang them on the clothes line for a while, then take them inside and stand them up in the corner. After walking the 3 blocks to school, we couldn't feel our faces. I can still see scarf-wrapped noses with icicles hanging from them (the scarf being a futile attempt to keep the arctic blasts from shredding your lungs). I knew a guy who left his car running all winter because he couldn't stand the feel of stiff, icy Naugahyde... I'm thinking indoor activity..

Oh, those pesky internets.. I found a couple of old Great Plains videos.
A Picture Of You
Faster Gun

I've decided to start using capital letters this year. My Dad sent me several pages of them..

My good friend and writing partner, Craig Bickhardt has just released a new CD entitled "No Road Back". Here's a bit about it:

"This limited edition CD is a retrospective covering over two decades of recordings. It features three rare, out of print cuts, plus five previously unreleased cuts, including two duets with Wendy Waldman recorded in 1983 (one being the Nicolette Larsen-Steve Wariner hit "That's How You Know When Love's Right"), also Craig's version of Untasted Honey. There are also two cuts each from Easy Fires and Idlewheel."

Visit Craig's website to find out more about this cool collection and be sure to spend some time perusing the wealth of information and resources he's put together.. As they might say in the Quaker vernacular, "He Rocketh!"

Starting tonight at 6:30PM, EST, there will be a whole slew of auctions on eBay to benefit the George Grantham Fund. click here to check them out. lots of rare Poco memorabilia. Getcha some..
Happy New Year! Say hi to the pack.


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