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Buster Thanksgiving 2012

Much to be thankful for today. Family, friends, health.. It's a long list.

And this guy. Buster picked a fight a while back with a dog about 4 times his size. He found out the hard way what it's like to be a chew toy.

He's OK now. He's tough. Glad you're still with us, little feller..


Been a flurry of activity for a few weeks now.. I am not complaining. Busy is good - as my mom used to say.

The Idlewheel mid-west tour had all the elements of adventure and snafu that make road trips fun and scary.. In my home town of Oklee, MN, Craig and I found 300 old friends in the Community Center. They served Bar-B-Que and beans, bars and jello. I'm telling you, it took me back 50 years.. I get quite emotional when I spend time in Oklee. So many great life-long friends. So many parts of me were formed there - with those very people.

ben.les.jon I want to thank my lovely niece, Lesley for hospitality, even temper and humor. Her and Mike have a beautiful farm, a lovely home & a princess daughter. I always look forward to a visit there. I also got to spend some time with brother Jeff's 2 boys. So here then, is Ben, Lesley and Jonathan. They obviously came from the same factory in Norway as I did. It was really good to see them. If people like this are where we're placing our future - we're going to be OK.

Also in Oklee, Al, Steve and Linda came over from Thief River Falls. Al and Steve were members with me in my first actual band. I moved to Thief River right after high school and immediately went in search of the rock 'n roll life. I did actually find it - albeit briefly, before I wound up in a mental ward.. What a long strange trip it's been.

It was such a deeply rewarding feeling for me to see high school classmates come out, to talk with them and find out what they're up to. It's so amazing that these people - these people I've seen almost none in the last 50 years are among the people with whom I am the most comfortable, who I know most about and who know the most about me. It's why I get all nostalgic and weepy (internally anyway) when I'm there.

On with the touralogue - - First stop, Malden, IL. A lovely little farm town in central Illinois. Reminded me quite a bit of my home town. Just the small town feel. People laughing at us for locking the car - that kind of thing. Craig and I did our first show - having not had a rehearsal. It was amazingly fun. We had both done the homework and found ourselves enjoying the back and forth nature of our music. Josh Hisle did a beautiful set and helped immensely in putting the gig together. And a large howdy and thanks to Janice Woodward for putting us up and feeding us an awesome breakfast.

Milwaukee was a bit Spinal Tappish.Scary weather, crossed wires and not being well known in the market conspired to bring us a small, yet mighty few. Still - we had a great time.

cb-PirateMadison with Beth Kille was a very nice show. We did a 3 songwriter in the round show. Thanks to Beth for putting the show together and for the chance to hear your music. Mike and Sarah, Michael and Carol and my old friend Birdell (and Dodie) came out in support.

River Falls, WI. Some tough breaks there. The coffee shop had just shut down. The gig was in the basement. The person in charge of promo was in the hospital. Craig and I almost outnumbered the audience. Tough one on the old ego..

Schmidt Music in Roseville. We did a seminar on songwriting. Interesting time. I'd never done one, so Craig took the lead in top form. I put in my 2 cents worth from time to time. The main point is that if you NEED to write, then write. The rest will find a way to work out. Old cohorts Jon and Mike came out. Great to see them..

Spent Friday off at niece, Jessica's (and Jon's) place in Bemidji, MN. Home of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox. Boating on Lake Bemidji, great food on the shore at sunset, laundry, popcorn & a movie, bed. Sweet.

Saturday in Oklee. But first, an impromptu family reunion at cousin Tim's place. Several Sundrud's I hadn't seen for many years. It was very nice to catch up with them all.

Next up - back to the Poco hat. We have upcoming shows in Missouri and New Mexico - followed by what I think will be the wrapping up of our new CD project, "All Fired Up". Stay tuned..


My old friend and songwriting partner, Craig Bickhardt and I are heading out on the first annual mid-west Idlewheel Acoustic tour later in August. Below are the details. We're looking forward to hours and hours of riding in a small car.. See also: craigbickhardt.com

Saturday, August 18
The Feed Store and Watering Hole
212 Main St, Malden, IL 61337
8pm / Tickets: $15.00
with special guest
Josh Hisle

Sunday, August 19
Woodsongs Milwaukee Coffee House 
Northwest Baptist Church
4373 N. 92nd St
Wauwatosa, WI 53222
6:30pm (Doors Open at 5:30pm) / Tickets $15.00 at Door
with Lil’ Rev

Tuesday, August 21, 2012
The Brink
701 E Washington Ave
Madison, WI 53703
7:00pm / Tickets $10.00 available at the door
(608) 661-8599

Wednesday, August 22
Earth Angels Coffee House
321 North 2nd Street
River Falls, WI 54022-2324
8pm / Tickets $20.00 available at Earth Angels Coffee House &
Brickhouse Music.
(715) 425-7504

Thursday, August 23
Minnesota Association of Songwriters presents
A Workshop - Songs and Stories About The Songs
Schmitt Music Meeting Room in Roseville
2436 Cleveland Ave. N.
Roseville, MN
7-9 pm / Open to Public. $20.00 at Door
651 287 0471

Saturday, August 25
Oklee Community Center
101 Main Street
Oklee, MN 56742
8:30pm / Tickets $10.00 available at Oklee Lumber, Oklee Quilting and the
Oklee Herald office

Sunday, August 26
Studio 222
222 Broadway
Fargo, ND 58102
(701) 478-6893

7/14/12Boxer Pup

We've taken in a bunch of stray dogs over the last 25 years. We usually bring them home, clean them up, get them fed and start looking for their family. Only a couple of times have we actually found their homes.. This little girl is no exception. Nobody seems to be looking for her.

Anyway, after being with us for 3 days, she came down with Parvo. Awful canine disease - with a very high mortality rate. She didn't eat for 4 days. We had to coerce liquids into her mouth with a syringe. She has now snapped out of it and is back to her frisky self. So, we and our 4 older dogs are needing to find this little girl a new home. She's a Boxer/Pit mix. The sweetest little thing you've ever met..

That time of the year again. This is for my Dad, Omar. All the best Pa! I love you..


Our dog, Cody has started a political blog. I didn't know he was so inclined..
Here's the link: Little Buddy / Paws for thought.
Woops! He stopped writing his blog already. He's got that writer's temperment..


wonderlandNew music from Maine native, Singer/Songwriter Chris Ross - "Halfway To Wonderland". I'm real proud to have been associated with this project.

Chris is a true artist. He writes deeply emotional, gritty songs pulled straight from the heart of the northeast. Stories of heroes and losers, Lovers and damaged dreamers.. And he sings them in a voice romanced by an icy nor'easter and marinated in a mug of smoky swill..

Truly engaging and relevant stuff..

Listen to clips and buy the music HERE.


British author and broadcaster Ben Atkinson interviews yours truly. As usual, I turn out to be a fountain of wisdom. Click the little arrow below to start the wisdom flowing..

And hey, meet my new friend Mr. Brand New Lakland Bass. Sahweeeet..

Lakland J Bass


I'm working a lot. Putting the "Free" back in Free-lance, as they say.. New Poco project on the near horizon; a couple of production projects as well. Some shows with friend and co-conspirator, Craig Bickhardt this coming weekend. We're doing a live web-cast this Thursday. Click here for details. Check Craig's Calendar for details on Friday and Saturday shows..

Next week, I'll be in the Nashville studio of Ben Strano, all around talented human-being (this guy plays trombone! Yeah, I know..) with Singer/Songwriter extraordinaire, Chris Ross (You will be hearing more form this guy).

After that, more Poco project details, possible start on a John Holm project, ongoing work on the Crows alleged recordings - life is good..

So anyway, in the meantime, here's some cool old Dylan footage..



Happy Valentine's Day! After 28 years, Sue and I sing a song about love..

dec. flower
I hope everyone had a peaceful Christmas and I wish all a bright New Year.

Poco has some acoustic trio shows coming up in January. Check out the Poco website for our concert schedule.

On the 15th, we'll be in Londonderry, NH at the Tupelo Music Hall. The show will be streamed live via webcast. CLICK HERE for concert details.

Work continues on the new Poco CD project. Lots of cool, new music coming up.

As for me, I resolve in 2012 to be taller, smarter and different.

This flower was blooming beside my driveway on New Year's Eve. Hopeful little bugger..


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