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It's been a busy year. Poco's semi-retirement has meant more free-lancing for me. I have no complaints. I've joined 3 part-time bands, I'm in the middle of producing several recording projects, Rusty and I have just completed the soundtrack for another Weston Woods animated children's book..

I like being busy. Always have. I got it from my folks, I guess. Mom was an Olympian in the staying-busy event. I'm grateful for things to do that I enjoy.

I'm looking forward to working with Craig Bickhardt in Idlewheel in the coming months. A handful of Poco shows are trickling in. More production is in the works. If I'm thinking about retiring, I'm not doing a very good job.

Puerta 14

This photo from my Poco cohort, Michael Webb, captures the spirit of the "Rockin' Down Mexico Way" Festival. 3 days of Classic Rock acts in the sun and surf outside Puerto Vallarta. I had a blast and was entirely heartened by the experience. Here was act after act of old pros - still doing it and still rockin'. People were playing hard and singing their asses off. Rock & roll has been my life and I was reminded that it's still what I love. Cheap Trick closed the festival down. Here, we all stormed the stage to celebrate a great weekend of music..



One of my greatest old friends, Steve Rundquist has died suddenly. We were hippies together back in the day. He played drums in Podipto, a country-rock band from northern MN in the late 60s and early 70s. The band briefly had a record deal and we traveled the nation in a van, opening for the likes of Elton John, Laura Nyro and James Taylor (it was a '69 Dodge van, where someone had to sit on the engine hump). He was always honest. He was a great drummer. He could fart at will. I bought beer for him for the 5 weeks between the time I turned 21 and he turned 21. We left that band together and formed another in Fargo - playing 6 nights a week, 4 hours a night. He developed a style he called "Comedy Drumming". Sometimes, he would verbally speak drum fills. One night, we staged a fist-fight - rolling around on the dance floor - to liven up the too quiet crowd. Then we went back on the road together with John Holm. John had a big 'ol bus. I'd ride shotgun through the endless prairie nights while Steve drove. We talked about everything. He eventually left the drumming life to drive a bus and work with wood. He was a deeply loveable and life-enriching guy. I'm so glad I knew him..



Idlewheels Across America! Craig, Larry Ahearn and I traveled probably a million miles from Osh Kosh to Boise, bringing our message of cynicism and hopelessness to the masses across this great land. I joke.. We had a great time and I am once again reminded that people are pretty awesome wherever you go. Thanks to all who came out and supported us.

Dad 2013

Rest in peace, Pa. My dad, Omar died July 3rd.

He taught me the biggest lesson of my life - do what you love to do. He taught me, not by telling me, but by doing what he loved. He was a newspaper man. He edited and published the weekly Oklee Herald in my MN hometown. Every issue showed the pride and love he invested in it.

His sense of humor was sharp and in tact until the end. A couple of days before he died, he answered my daily phone call from his nursing home bed, "Front Desk!"


pa writer's night

Big fun in PA a couple of weeks ago. J.D. Malone; Thom Schuyler; Craig Bickhardt and moi. I haven't laughed that hard in years. Here's hoping it happens again soon.

Work on Pat Barber's record continues. It's going to be a good one. Pat's a heck of a story-teller.

And Happy Birthday to my mother. She would've been 95 today.

Pat B
Been doing pre-production for a recording project with Pat Barber. Also on board, one of my absolutely favorite producers, Bill Halverson. I know this will be quite an adventure.

Pat is a real character and a renaissance man - check out his website. Running his RV on a mix of gas, water and sun; busking up and down the west coast; beating the odds quite literally by being alive.. He's a trip and a great old friend.

I'm also looking forward to joining Craig Bickhardt and Thom Schuyler for some songwriter's shows later this month. Check out the calendar page for dates.


Poco Mendo 14

Poco is going to stop regular touring in 10 days. It's been an honor and a joy to play music with Rusty Young, George Lawrence & Michael Webb these past 4 years. And before that, going back to 1985 with George Grantham, Steven Chapman and Paul Cotton (also occasionally with Richie Furay, Jim Messina, Randy Meisner & Timothy B. Schmit). I became a Poco fan with the first LP in 1969. I was in a country-rock band myself at the time. Poco captured the spirit of the day with joyful country tinged rockers. The band I was with (Podipto - based in Bemidji, MN) grabbed onto that bit of leather fringe and spread the word throughout the midwest back in the day. When I was given the opportunity to work with Poco, I was thrilled. It's been a wonderful ride.

I believe there will be a Poco "event" from time to time, but consistent touring like the band has been doing since 1969 is over as of next weekend.

As for me, I've got lots to do. I'm working on some new solo recording, I'll be doing more touring with my friend and co-writer, Craig Bickhardt, I've got a couple of production projects in the works - and I've got dogs to walk. No complaints..


This has been a hell of a winter so far. Reminds me of winters when I was a kid in northern Minnesota. There was a local legend in my town that 2 of the town drunks slept through a blizzard in their car, parked outside the liquor store. Morning found them cold and groggy, but alive. Their dog, who was in the car with them, apparently froze to death. Whiskey as "anti-freeze" was credited with saving their lives..

winter tree


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